Workcycle Potato Smiles 🥔😊

We recently wrapped up another workcycle for the Hypergraph application, codenamed "Potato Smiles." Now, we're taking a moment to reflect on what we have achieved and share our progress with you! 😊
Workcycle Potato Smiles 🥔😊
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The Liberate Science team recently wrapped up another workcycle, codenamed "Potato Smiles." We're taking a moment to recap what we have achieved and share our progress with you! 😊

If you're new to the workcycle series: We use workcycles to collectively prioritize our work, assign tasks, and self-organize until the next workcycle. This allows us to jointly set the roadmap, calibrate to the vision, and review hiccups in the process on a regular basis.

The core of this workcycle was to release Hypergraph (Beta), which we achieved 🎉 More specifically, to get there we implemented the following within Hypergraph itself:

  • Add Discover screen with featured content
  • Auto-deposit work to the Hypergraph Vault after opt-in
  • Auto-open hypergraph:// URLs in Hypergraph
  • Auto-update Hypergraph
  • Code signing for Hypergraph on both macOS and Windows
  • Conducted accessibility audit
  • Edit content functionality
  • Export of the network data in Hypergraph (Menu bar: Database → Export module graph)
  • Co-author support
  • Connectivity status indicators
  • Privacy aware usage statistics using Matomo (hosted by Cloud68)
  • Terms of use
  • Tour of the application upon first launch

We also shared quite some blog posts during this workcycle. To highlight a few, we released the Liberate Science manifesto, which 39 people co-signed already, and that we're partnering with Coko. We also announced our supporting memberships and how that helps keep us open in the long run.

The current workcycle, codenamed "Onion Ring", will be about preparing for 2021. During this period, Julian Gruber and Lisa Hehnke will be leaving the Liberate Science team. Their contributions have been invaluable to achieving so many of the things during this, and previous workcycles.

Feel free to DM us on Twitter if you have any questions, or email us at We will be sharing some of our more in-depth learnings about these achievements on the blog over the next weeks.

Written by
Chris Hartgerink
CEO & Founder of Liberate Science GmbH
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